Medical Devices Repair
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Autoclaves and Sterilizers repair
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Aspirator suction pumps maintenance
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Bladder scan repair or maintenance
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( Technotronics (Department of medical Engineering

1.Dose technotronics sell parts?

     Yes but for special electronic parts which not found in local market

   2.Dose Technotronics sell new or used Boards?

      No.untill now

   3.How I can send repairs to Technotronics?

*Fill out a repair form from web sit home page.

*Confirm receiving your repair form by phone.

*Carefully pack and ship defected PCB to us by Express mail.

* You will be confirmed by receiving your package once we receive it.

* After 48 hours max you will have a (PI) Performa invoice and we can start repair after your confirmation.                                                       

 4. How long the repair time of my defected item?

*Most of repair time between 5 to 15 business day for normal order for priority order mix 3 days depend on availability of damaged spare parts.

 5. What is the free evaluation process?

Our engineer inspects the defected Board for:-

*See physical damage of particular items.

*See trace of previous repair attempts.

*Test some parts.

*Decide if the Board is repairable or not.

*They will not make complete component test.

*Estimate the repair price depend on preview process.


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