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Autoclaves and Sterilizers repair
OEM electronic boards repair
ultrasonic devices repair
Dental devices repair
radiology devices repair
Medical laboratory equipment repair
Ophthalmology devices repair
medical monitors repair
medical UPS repair
nesthesia machine repair
Aspirator suction pumps maintenance
centrifuges repair or maintenance
audio meters repair or maintenance
Bladder scan repair or maintenance
hyfrecators repair or maintenance
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Technotronics make medical maintenance contracts for hospitals and medical centers and labs. 

we are welcome by any foreign supplier to be his agent and propagate his medical products in egypt and make after sale support and maintenance .

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   Medical devices classification is so varies and have many branches and sub-branches  
we are in technotronics (medical dept.) are specialist in repairing many medical devices in so many branches by up- to- date electronic testing devices and high experience medical electronic engineers. 
we are in medical dept. in technotronics company have following activities
  • Medical Laboratory devices repair  .
  • Ultrasonic devices repair.
  • Radiology devices repair.
  • Dental devices repair.
  • Ophthalmology devices repair.
  • Microbiology devices repair.
  • Autoclaves and Sterilizers repair.
  • Medical monitors repair.
  • Medical UPS repair.
  • OEM electronic boards repair.

Types and approaches to Maintenance of Medical Equipment:

There are two types of maintenance:

  • Corrective Maintenance (or Repair):

o This is done to take corrective action in the event of a breakdown of the equipment. 
the equipment is returned repaired and calibrated.

  • Planned (or Scheduled) Preventive Maintenance:
        This work is done in a planned way before repair is required and the scheduled time for the work circulated well in advance. It involves cleaning, regular function / safety tests and makes sure that any problems are picked up while they are still small.
         The choice of approach for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance depends on the complexity of equipment.

Maintenance by in-house trained engineers
  • o The majority of the problems are relatively simple and can be corrected by a trained technician.
Simple repairs and inspections are less costly when done this way.

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