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Pachymeter is a medical equipment used to measure the thickness of the cornea. Pachymeter is useful to monitoring patients suspected of developing glaucoma. Modern instruments use ultrasound technology instead of optical principles which earlier models were based on. The ultrasonic Pachymeters shows the thickness of the cornea in micrometres. Pachymetry using the corneal waveform (new generation) allows the examiner to more accurately measure the corneal thickness.

Pachymeter makes simple Glaucoma Risk analysis. With 20 MHz ultrasound probe and Palm technology Reichertís new Advanced & Standard Pachymeters provide precise corneal thickness measurements in a hand held equipment.



Tonometer is used to measure Intra Ocular pressure (IOP) in millimetres of mercury(mmHg). It makes the ideal instrument for patients with mobility difficulties, who are not comfortable to sit at slit lamp table. Tonometery is an important test in the evaluation of patients with Glaucoma.

Intermittent light is one of the most popular problem in all hand held Tonometer like perkins MK2, or Kowa Tonometer. One of the problems which make intermittent light in Tonometer is bad or loose connection in battery handle. If this problem wasnít solved by by replacing the Tonometer battery handle you should send your tonometer for complete repair and overhaul by our experienced service team.



We are in technotronics repair most brands and models for ophthalmology electronic devices for electronic troubleshooting  with real one year guarantee.


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